The School Board is the statutory consultative and decision-making body of the school.

It is a tripartite instance, consisting of an equal number of:

  • members from the office representing the administration,
  • representatives of the institution’s employees selected through elections,
  • representatives of parents of students and students selected through elections.

The School Board plays a fundamental role in matters of teaching and matters related to the life of the secondary school. However, it cannot replace the Parents’ or AEFE’s Association in matters of management that are within the competence of those.
The Council meets at least once in the trimester on the initiative of the Headteacher.

The School Board develops and adopts a school development project from preschool to secondary school, rules of procedure, working hours, the calendar for the school year, and an annual plan of educational activities related to professional orientation. It gives opinions on all matters concerning the life of the institution, such as

  • employment card,
  • proposals for changes in the pedagogical structure,
  • projects of pedagogical activities,
  • planning and financing school trips,
  • organization of school life,
  • school canteen,
  • care and supervision of students with disabilities,
  • matters related to health and safety,
  • action programme in the field of lifelong learning, etc.

Composition of the School Council


  • M. Louis-Albert MENSDORFF-POUILLY, Headmaster

Council members with a decisive voice:

Representatives of the administration:

  • M. Marc RENAUD, CPE-PA
  • M. Lionel CHEYLAN, Director of primary school
  • M. Denis GERARD, Administrative director
  • M. George DIENER, COCAC

Employees’ representatives:

  • M. Frédéric CHAUVEAU, 1er degré
  • Mme Lila MAZI, 1er degré
  • Mme Agnieszka STASZEWSKA-KEMAJOU, 2nd degré
  • M. Bruno CASAVECCHIA, 2nd degré

Parents’ representatives:

  • Mme Delphine JANNET
  • Mme Marta VON MAUBERG

Students’ representatives:

  • Mme Naomi DELOPHONT

Members with an advisory voice:

  • M. Michel LISBONIS, Consul
  • M. Stéphane LESIEUR, Chairman of Management Board
  • Mme Pascale SEUX, Consular counsellor
  • M. Michel MARBOT, Consular counsellor
  • M. Jean ROSSI, Consular counsellor