Seconde class students (first class of secondary school in the French system) may participate in film workshops. The cycle of this option lasts 3 years: from the second to the last grade.

The workshop program covers artistic, cultural, technical and economic aspects of film art, with a special emphasis on the diversity of film production and distribution.

Students learn how to analyse the film, learn about the main trends of cinema history as well as the phases of the film’s creation and financial issues related to it. At the same time, they are introduced to the very process of creating a film work: writing a script, using the tools necessary to make and assemble a film (camera, lighting, assembling table…) and creating their own artistic production. The program is in the amount of three hours per week and is divided into theoretical and practical classes.

The aim of the film section is to develop students’ creative imagination and critical approach to film work as well as to gain knowledge in the field of cinematography. Film workshops are focused on providing general film knowledge rather than on typical vocational education.