Workshops for Kids : “I think, I create, I express myself: Creativity and Communication”

The French Preschool in Sadyba organizes on Saturday 23rd November from 10 am to 1 pm free creative and sensory workshops for young children ages 2-5. Many activities will be proposed in French, Polish and English by qualified teachers under the theme: „I think, I create, I express myself: Creativity and Communication”. For parents, it will be a great occasion to learn how to support your child’s creativity and help him/her better communicate through the arts…

On Saturday 23rd November from 10 am to 1 am, teachers of the French Preschool of the Lycée français de Varsovie, located in the Sadyba district, will propose many artistic, creative and sensory activities for young children ages 2-5 under the theme: „I think, I create, I express myself: Creativity and Communication”.

The development of the child’s creativity is at the core of the French educational curriculum. Through the plastic arts, dance, music, and singing, children build their personalities, develop their intelligence and their sensitivity, and learn how to interact with others.  At the French Preschool, artistic lessons are specially designed according to the age of the child and contribute to the child’s full development.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge.
Anybody can participate in the event and no prior registration is required.

Workshops Programme

The activities listed below will be proposed from 10 am to 1 pm without any break:

Workshops in French and in Polish :

  • I develop my senses (discoveries and observations with sight, touch, and hearing)
  • I work on my fine motor skills (object manipulation, sewing)
  • I learn how to communicate in different ways (short stories, songs, and puppets)
  • I explore the world with science (experiments, fox game, angling)
  • I structure my thought process (numbers, space, shape identification)

Workshop in English :

  • I express myself through art (drawing, painting, group work, making marble paper)

This event is organized as part of the “Week of the French High Schools around the world”, an initiative led by the AEFE agency, which coordinates a network of 494 French schools on the 5 continents. During one week, the aim is to communicate largely on the main assets of the French education system.