The French way of education in French !

  • Broad range of science subjects and experiments offered.
  • Citizenship education included in the curriculum
  • We strongly believe in respect for the individual and education free from the influence of any particular ideology
  • The students play an integral role in their education and personal career design
  • They can also develop their sense of creativity in our school

Multiculturalism and Multilingualism

  • 46 nationalities
  • French culture in French
  • We teach 5 languages : French – English – Polish – Spanish- German
  • Polish and English are taught from kindergarten onwards
  • We are a French-speaking school, hence French is our school official language
  • Our middle school students can start learning history in Polish from the age of 11

An open and benevolent school

  • Individual student support, guidance counselling and orientation
  • Integration of students with special needs
  • We value Physical Education and contribute to our student’s development
  • Health and nutritional education are a vital part of our curriculumt

International backgrounds

  • We are endorsed by and are members of French Education Abroad worldwide network
  • Our French High School diploma or Baccalauréat opens more doors than the traditional IB diploma and gives access to some of the best universities in the world
  • Our student are more likely to study in France, in Poland or abroad

Excellence in education

  • The students work under the guidance of highly qualified educational experts from the French or Polish Ministry of Education
  • Renowned academic excellence of the educational French system
  • Great student success (100% of success rate in the French A-levels or High-School diploma, GCSE or DELF exams for French learners)
  • High supervision rate (22 students per class + group work)