The French High School in Warsaw is run by a board which consists of an association of parents, and is governed by the French Private Law Association (Act of 1901). All board members are parents of LFV pupils. The board meets once a year during a General Meeting in order to elect representatives, who will sit on the Board of Management. The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for the whole school community to meet and discuss various issues and challenges faced by the French High School in Warsaw.

The Management Board of The French High School in Warsaw’s Managing Board ensures the achievement of the Association’s goals. The management board:
  • Manages the institution and  its finances according to the agreement concluded with AEFE.
  • Represents the Association to foreign physical and legal persons within the limits of their legal capacity.
  • Executes decisions taken by voting at the General Meeting.
  • Draws up Rules of Procedure and adopts them following a majority vote of members with a decisive vote.
  • Appoints its representatives and coordinates their activities in various bodies of the facility in accordance with the regulations applicable to each of them.

The current composition of the Board

Representatives of parents with decisive voice

  • M. Stéphane LESIEUR, Président
  • M. Marcin WERNER, Vice-président
  • M. Philippe CHAUVIN, Trésorier
  • Mme Aneta TERRIER, Secrétaire
  • M. Charles André KEENE, Secrétaire adjoint
  • M. Lionel SEVRIN,
  • Mme Anne-Sophie MASSA
  • Mme Nadège MONCLUS
  • M. Dominik SOLTYSIK

Members from the office with decisive voice:

  • M. Mathieu CARMONA, Premier conseiller
  • M. Georges DIENER, Conseiller de coopération et d’action culturelle

Members with an advisory voice

The management of The French René Goscinny:

  • M. Frédéric BIZOT, Headmaster
  • M. Denis GERARD, Administrative Director
  • M. Franck BIS, Director of primary school

Employee’s Representatives:

  • M. Jean-Paul SANTASOUK, Représentant enseignants du secondaire
  • Mme Anna PROŃ-ADAMOSKA, Représentante enseignants du primaire
  • Mme Paulina KLEIMAN-SZARÓW, Représentante des personnels ATOS

Consular counsellors:

  • M. Michel MARBOT
  • M. Jean ROSSI
  • Mme Pascale SEUX

The representative of the School Council:

  • Mme Marta VON MAUBERG


General Meetings Protocols





Procès verbaux des Conseils d’Administration
Les Procès Verbaux des conseils d’administration sont consultables par les membres de l’association de gestion au secrétariat du proviseur sur rendez-vous à