The Primary School Council operates in every institution in which there is a preschool and a primary school. It is directed by the primary school Principal. 

The competences of the Primary School Council include all pedagogical and educational matters concerning the primary school: the Council adopts the internal regulations of the school and imperatively gives opinions on all matters related to the school’s functioning and life, such as pedagogical structure, school opening hours and school year calendar, primary school development project, conditions for the tailor-made programs that cater to students with special educational needs, organization of school trips, issues related to hygiene, health and safety of students, rules for selection of teaching materials and tools, matters related to contact with parents, providing information to them and general rules for their participation in school life. It is a preparatory instance for the School Council.

The Composition of the Primary School Council


  • M. Franck BIS, Primary School Principal

Council members with a decisive voice:

  • 15 teachers
  • 15 parents’ representatives
  • One of the specialized teachers

Members with an advisory voice:

  • M. Frédéric BIZOT, Headmaster
  • M. Denis GERARD, Administrative director

Contact to parent represantatives in the Primary School.l:


Mme  CHIRAT             Mme LE-PIMONT        M.  KEENE


M.  NIVAL               Mme  LE GUERN          Mme BUTSCHER