In school facilities such as our school, and therefore bound by an agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the decree after the amendment No. 2002-02 of 4 January 2002 distinguishes two types of employment contracts: for expat employees and for resident employees.


An employee with the expat status must have authorizations of a civil servant. The recruitment process takes place outside the country where the employee will work and is conducted by the director of the Agency. The expat is delegated by the AEFE, which pays him/her a remuneration, for a period of 3 years, renewable once for pedagogical staff and renewable on request of the person twice for one year for employees of management staff (visitators, principal and deputy directors, headteachers of a primary school, education advisors (CPE – Conseiller Principal d’Education), pedagogical advisors, work managers and people in profiled positions).

The list of positions for the experts that you can apply for from September 1 of the following school year will be available at the beginning of the first trimester. Registration of submitted applications also takes place at the beginning of the school year. Candidatures which meets the requirements are to be evaluated by the central advisory commission, prior to the decision of the AEFE director.

More information on the status of expat employees employed by AEFE


An employee with the resident status must have authorizations of a civil servant. The recruitment decision is made by the Director of the Agency at the request of the headteacher of the school (the employee shall remain in the target country for 3 months before the contract enters into force or accompany the spouse or life partner working or staying there). The resident is delegated by AEFE, who pays him/her a remuneration, generally for a period of 3 years, renewable. A list of positions for residents, including vacancies and possible vacancies, will be available on the Agency’s website at the end of January.

Applications shall be downloaded, filled and brought to a school that has available vacancies within the Agency’s school card. Applications shall be submitted before the end of February. They are evaluated by the local advisory commission (CCPLA), and then, at the request of the headteacher, the director of the Agency decides about employment.

More information on the status of resident employees

Employees from local recruitment

A local recruitment employee is employed by the school management and Management Board with whom the employee signs a contract in accordance with local law. The employee may be a Frenchman or have other citizenship and take up pedagogical, administrative, technical or auxiliary positions. A teacher who has the qualifications of the French Ministry of National Education may be employed as a local recruitment employee on condition that the employee is on unpaid leave.

The applications of candidates who meet the requirements should be submitted to the Headteacher of the French School, who, based on the availability of positions, begins the recruitment process after consulting the internal school committee.


Our teachers can be, if necessary, replaced by teachers from local recruitment, based on a fixed-term contract or contract of mandate.

Similarly, we hire people for conducting extra-curricular activities on the basis of the contract of mandate.

In the case of this type of employment, contact the Headteacher of the French School in Warsaw.