Preschool is a unique learning cycle that underlies the success of your child in a school operating in the French education system.

In a friendly and safe environment, your child will develop the potential in all areas (motor skills, language, emotional intelligence, artistic abilities, imagination, attitude to others) in order to achieve maturity and build his personality.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism

Your child will benefit from the multicultural school environment (over 40 nationalities) and from a multilingual context. We are teaching in French, and, additionally, highly qualified teachers conduct language classes.

As part of the integration with the local community, regular school trips are organized, and we invite people from the outside.

Class French Polish English
TPS 2 h / week 45 min / week
PS 2 h / week 45 min / week
MS 2 h / week 45 min / week
GS  Up to 3 h / week 2 h / week
+ 45 min / week DNL
45 min / week


Preschool is defined by three main points, the school:

  • which is adapted to the needs of a small child,
  • which organizes special learning methods,
  • where children will learn and live together.

The lessons are conducted in French by teachers who have the qualifications of the French Ministry of National Education and are assisted by Polish-language preschooling aids.