The international French School in Warsaw is located in the heart of Europe and brings together students from over forty countries. Language teaching is, therefore, our priority in a spirit of openness to Europe and the whole world.

Learning French as a foreign language (FLS)

Specialist welcome program for non-French-speaking children: From the GS class, students receive help in learning French. Classes conducted by specialized teachers may take various forms (help in the classroom, specialist classes outside the classroom…) and may be more or less intensive depending on the needs of the child (up to 3 hours per week).

At the end of the CM2 class all students who are not French citizens take the DELF PRIM exam (French Language Knowledge Diploma for children) at the A2 level according to the Council of Europe scale. For years, 100% of students passed this exam in LFV.

Polish Learning

Each student, from the first grade of preschool (PS) to the last grade of primary school (CM2), has 2 hours of Polish classes per week, run by specialized teachers. Two profiles:

  • Polish as a native language
  • Polish as a foreign language

In addition to Polish learning classes, students of the last grade of preschool (GS) have 1 hour of a non-language subject (DNL) conducted in Polish. It is the physical education class, during which students work in Polish.

Learning English

  • 40 minutes of English per week as part of the French school curriculum.
  • English speaking common room every day from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.