Primary school operating in the French education system enables gradual acquisition of methodological knowledge and prepares children to classes in middle school. Primary school provides students with basic elements and tools of knowledge and allows them to practice and develop intelligence, sensitivity, manual, physical and artistic skills.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism

Your child will benefit from the multicultural school environment (over 40 nationalities) and from a multilingual context. We are teaching in French, and, additionally, highly qualified teachers conduct language classes.

  • French as a foreign language: as required
  • Polish: 2h00 / week
  • English: 2h30 / week

As part of the integration with the local community, regular school trips are organized, and we invite people from the outside. In the spring, all primary classes participate in a school trip.


Primary school education includes 2 cycles:

  • A cycle of basic education, during which emphasis is laid on reading, writing, and movement.
  • A cycle of material repeating, during which the student strengthens and consolidates the achievements of the previous cycle, expands concepts and learns to work with methods leading to the acquisition of new knowledge and diverse skills. This is possible with the use of an individual approach.

The French language is the main focus of teaching.

The lessons are conducted in French by teachers who have the qualifications of the French Ministry of National Education.

Additional classes are offered in three time periods: 2.50-3.50 p.m., 3.55-4.55 p.m., and 5.00-6.00 p.m.