The French Secondary School marks the beginning of secondary school education. It is organized on four levels: from the sixth to the third and arranged in pedagogical cycles.

All secondary school students have 26 hours of obligatory didactic classes per week. Classes may be extended and optional didactic classes may be added.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism

Your child will benefit from the multicultural school environment (over 40 nationalities) and the multilingual context.

Teaching 3 languages (plus French).

Modern language 1: English taught at all levels

Modern language 2: German or Spanish from the 5ème (second grade of middle school)

Modern language 3: Polish language taught at all levels, two teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language: 4 hours per week + 1 hour history and geography per week in Polish
  • Polish as a foreign language: 2 hours per week

From the 5ème class, pupils may also learn Latin. Every two years a trip to Rome is organized.


The lessons are conducted in French by teachers who have the qualifications of the French Ministry of National Education.

Educational outings and school trips

As part of the integration with the local community, regular school trips are organized  (cinema, theater, museum, exhibition …), and we invite people from the outside.

In addition, teachers organize many language and cultural trips (London, Brussels, Rome, Vilnius …)

Students may also participate in additional sports classes and educational activities.