The international French School in Warsaw is located in the heart of Europe and brings together students from over forty countries. Language teaching is, therefore, our priority in a spirit of openness to Europe and the whole world.

Teaching 3 foreign languages

Modern language 1: English

Taught at all levels:

  • 6ème class: 4 hours per week
  • 5ème, 4ème and 3ème classes: 3 hours per week

Modern language 2: German or Spanish

From the 5ème class (second grade of middle school): 2.5 hours per week

Modern language 3: Polish

Taught at all levels, two teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language for children who speak Polish: 5 hours of Polish language, including 4 teaching language and 1 history and geography of Poland, according to a program based on the guidelines of the Polish Ministry of National Education. In subsequent years, this system will be introduced at every level of education according to pedagogical recommendations.
  • Polish as a foreign language for children who do not speak Polish: 2 teaching hours and, optionally, starting from class 4, learning at an extended level. That is 2 hours divided into groups of advancement.

French as a foreign language  (FLS)

Intended for students who do not speak French since signing up for the School.


From the 5ème class, students may also learn Latin. Every two years a trip to Rome is organized.

Photographie : Andrzej Subko