The mission of The French General and Technical Education High School is to ensure success for all High school students and prepare them for studies at a university.

The new baccalaureate of 2021  is very sensible and useful thanks to the improved exam and simplification of high school. It is adjusted to the aspirations of high school students in order to give them the tools to succeed at the university.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism

Your child will benefit from the multicultural school environment (over 40 nationalities) and the multilingual context.

Teaching 3 languages (plus French).

Modern language 1: English taught at all levels

Modern language 2: German or Spanish from the 5ème (second grade of middle school)

Modern language 3: Polish language taught at all levels, two teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language: 4 hours per week + 1 hour history and geography per week in Polish
  • Polish as a foreign language: 2 hours per week

Pupils may also learn Latin.


The organization of a general and technical secondary school, just like curriculum, will be adjusted to the new baccalaureate. There will be no general profile classes. The classes will be organized in accordance with the path chosen by the students according to their preferences and ambitions.

The secondary school offers three types of teaching:

  • Solid bases of common, humanistic and scientific culture, responding to the challenges of the future.
  • Specialist disciplines chosen by the student, the number of which will increase between the first and last class (three disciplines in the first grade, and in the last class – two out of three taught in the first grade). These disciplines have a large number of hours. This results in ambitious programs and gives students time to learn. Optional classes will also allow the student to complete their education.
  • New classes will allow students to share their scientific culture, learn to program and understand the great challenges of the modern world.

We offer help in choosing the right teaching profile for the entire duration of the secondary school in order to prepare for the choice of the education path and, ultimately, the university. Students will be looked after in accordance with a lesson plan as part of school autonomy (working in smaller groups, diversified pedagogy, open mass online course, etc.).

The lessons are conducted in French by teachers who have the qualifications of the French Ministry of National Education.

Film and audiovisual techniques

Seconde class students (first class of secondary school in the French system) may participate in film workshops. The cycle of this option lasts 3 years: from the second to the last grade.
The workshop program covers artistic, cultural, technical and economic aspects of film art, with a special emphasis on the diversity of film production and distribution.