Preschool and primary school

The school catering service is provided by our partner Gastro Team.

Each meal, the cost of which is PLN 14, is arranged in consultation with a dietitian and includes:

  • Appetizer (soup or salad)
  • Hot meal
  • Milk product
  • Desserts

Registration can be made at the office of the service provider at the beginning of the school year (room 105) in order to sign the contract and fill in the form in which there is information about possible food allergies or intolerances of the child. ( / + 48 510 12 12 01)

Twice a year, a canteen committee meets.  Under the leadership of the Headteacher, parents’ representatives, teachers, a catering company representative and students discuss the choice of the menu and the organization of services.

Middle School and secondary school

The school canteen, run by Gastro Team, is designated to be used in self-service mode. Cost: PLN 16.50 per meal (appetizer, dish)

Contact for registration :, tel 48 22 616 50 68

Meeting of the canteen committee