When planning a further course of study, pupils and/or parents may arrange a meeting with the people involved in the school career counselling: Mrs. Ternova for middle school and Mr. Bégard for secondary school.

They can talk together about the various educational opportunities after graduating from secondary school, about the choice of profile and options in the Première class, or about continuing their education after the baccalaureate. A young student in the need to reflect on his/her future, will find answers to his questions here and will be oriented towards a solution best suited to his/her choices. The student will be directed to the most appropriate path and get appropriate support.

Throughout the school year, information meetings for pupils at various levels of education are organized.

The School Documentation and Information Center (CDI) possesses about one hundred documents in the room devoted to professional orientation. A press review is also available. It is regularly updated and presents the latest information on this topic: Press review (in French).

Campus France Pologne apporte également informations et conseils, notamment aux étudiants polonais désireux de poursuivre leurs études en France : www.pologne.campusfrance.org

Documents (in french)