The French School’s policy regarding the collection, use, transfer, management, and protection of personal data is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation provides individuals with access to their personal data, the ability to change, restore and delete them. In addition, the GDPR obliges institutions to obtain and document the informed consent of individuals, to ensure the security of all collected, processed and stored data and to document measures and procedures for their protection.

The Policy of The French Secondary School in Warsaw in the field of personal data protection

The personal data protection officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for:

  • informing and acting as an advisor to the data controller or the implementing entity, as well as its employees;
  • monitoring compliance with European and national laws regarding the protection of personal data;
  • advising the institution on the implementation, in some cases, of data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and checking its implementation;
  • cooperating with the supervisory body and being a contact point for the supervisory body.

Being a contact person for any questions or complaints regarding the protection of personal data. Matthieu Ghariani, a primary school teacher, is the Data Protection Officer. Contact:

Administrator of Data

The personal data administrator determines the purposes and methods of personal data processing. The administrator is legally responsible for the compliance of personal data processing with applicable regulations. Is a contact person for requests for access, change, restoration and deletion of personal data.

Denis Gérard, the Secretary General of The French Secondary School in Warsaw, is the administrator of personal data. Contact: Data Administrator, French secondary school in Warsaw, ul. Walecznych 4/6, 03-916 Warsaw.